We are Simple Collective

We are Simple Collective

Simple Collective is a comfortable and trendy apparel line based out of a small town in Wisconsin. After a long year of dreaming and slow planning, founder and CEO Josie (left) founded SC in June of 2019. 

My name is Josie and I'm a simple girl with big goals and ambitions. I'm finally starting my own clothing line, after years of putting it off because I was too scared or didn't want to put time into it.

No more procrastinating! I've come to learn that there will never be a good time for anything, so I'd better start now!

Simple Collective is for the simple (but boss) babes with big goals like me. We like to wear t-shirts, because in those t-shirts is when we get sh*t done. We're goal-diggers, we don't settle for anything less than we deserve and we sure as hell don't back down from anything. ANYTHING! We like Instagram and coffee, and maybe sometimes a glass of moscato while we work on sh*t. We're here to take over the world, and I hope you'll join me - while wearing a piece from one of my collections, of course.

I hope you love my creations and will purchase a few. Thank you for helping me chase my dreams!

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